Behold Spark Rising!

A build + battle sandbox game where you create fortresses and engagement in massive battles

About The Game


Battle Against A Massive Invasion

Conquer or defend fortresses against an army of mechs, dinos and undead. Jump directly into battle via FPS perspective!  Featuring co-op gameplay.

The Power To Create Is In Your Hands

Create your own creatures, fortresses, and vehicles. Fortify your stronghold with turrets, traps and troops. Upgrade your firepower to lay waste to the enemy!

Share Your Creations... Or Conquer Others

Share your creations with others online… or conquer them with your massive army. We take user generated content to the next level.


Wicked Loot Videos
Twitch TV - Wicked Loot
Spark Rising is ambitious and I love it. Wicked Loot will definitely be getting my money

Indie Haven

Now I can waste untold hours creating things, & then have stuff blow the crap out of each other.


It was as if someone climbed into my mind and created a game based on things I like.

Horrible Nights

Our friends at Wicked Loot are keeping the indie spirit alive with Spark Rising.

Brian Fargo

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Every act of construction is an act of destruction - Pablo Picasso